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This Ebook Helps You Zero In On Your Best Work

I wrote this ebook to help you accomplish meaningful work. Most entrepreneurs and high performers focus on job fit and doing great work by maximizing their talent usage and continually developing skills. In many cases, passion and zeal for the … [Read more]

Trust. Business Catalyst or Achilles’ Heel?

What if character and competence were the primary concern for building your business (and yourself)? Have you considered that? According to thoughtful work by Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard, both of whom have sold millions of business books and … [Read more]

How (Some) Big Brand’s Create Value Propositions

Imagine the enthusiasm of five or six marketing professionals talking over drinks at an electrifying conference. One guy says the unique selling proposition is all that matters, another disagrees and says it’s all about positioning while another … [Read more]

Perfecting Cold Emails. 20+ “How to” Posts on Cold Email Best Practices.

Ready to email someone for the first time - asking for something? Wish you had an email template and and some advice on the best way to send a cold email? Maybe a bunch of email templates or advice from someone who has been effective with … [Read more]

21 Best Free Stock Photo Sites on the Web

Here is my curated list of the best sites to scour for free stock images for your blog, facebook feed, twitter stream or whatever you're into.  I suspect you'll jump to these sites and see for yourself, so I didn't bother with getting descriptive on … [Read more]

The Definitive Guide on How To Write a Blog Post with more than 50 Writing Formulas and Examples.

So, you’re looking for a blogging template or some sort of popular writing formula to help jump start your blogging (or maybe your book?).  You’ve searched for “blog template” or “writing templates” and found a wall of results, but none that really … [Read more]

A Study Guide on the Spiritual Discipline of Fasting

Fasting is God-Centered. Throughout Scripture fasting refers to abstaining from food for spiritual purposes.  Unlike a Hunger Strike (political power) or health dieting (physical not spiritual). Biblical fasting always centers on spiritual … [Read more]

11 Very Personal Life Lessons You May Not Be Ready For.

There are moments that define you, experiences that make you who you are, and decisions that change the course of your life. I’ve been thinking about that. What about you? Have you considered your personal story line, your legacy, and your points … [Read more]

Living in Jesus. The Last Teaching of Jesus Christ.

Do you know the big idea that Jesus had to share with his disciples on their last night together? Have you considered what the central message for the twelve disciples was? The big take-away? As a Christian, this is a huge teaching and one I hope … [Read more]

Priceless Online Marketing Guides From Neil Patel

One of the web's most informed internet marketers, Neil Patel, has been deploying an entirely new approach to content marketing - long format blog posts in the form of an authoritative guide on key topics for online marketers and entrepreneurs. With … [Read more]

Marketing Case Study: Dodge Super Bowl Farmer Ad. (How it Failed and How To Fix It)

Practical Examples on How to turn the Dodge “Farmer” Super Bowl Ad into Content Marketing with a Lasting Audience. Hanging with nowhere to go.  That’s what Dodge did with the Farmer Super Bowl ad. Dodge took the biggest single exposure … [Read more]

How to Create Emotional Marketing that Doesn’t Suck – with Great Examples.

Most marketing and advertising is awful. Just plain, heartless, uninspired, time-wasting, noise. This is a common problem with marketers. Me included. Being passionate and emotional is tough. We’ve been told facts sell, infographics are … [Read more]