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11 Very Personal Life Lessons You May Not Be Ready For.

There are moments that define you, experiences that make you who you are, and decisions that change the course of your life. I’ve been thinking about that. What about you? Have you considered your personal story line, your legacy, and your points … [Read more]

Living in Jesus. The Last Teaching of Jesus Christ.

Do you know the big idea that Jesus had to share with his disciples on their last night together? Have you considered what the central message for the twelve disciples was? The big take-away? As a Christian, this is a huge teaching and one I hope … [Read more]

Priceless Online Marketing Guides From Neil Patel

One of the web's most informed internet marketers, Neil Patel, has been deploying an entirely new approach to content marketing - long format blog posts in the form of an authoritative guide on key topics for online marketers and entrepreneurs. With … [Read more]

How to Fix Category 404 Page Not Found Genesis WordPress

Is your Genesis Framework Studiopress Theme reporting a 404 Page Not Found on category pages? Same here. The problem appears to have something to do with my Wordpress SEO plugin. According to this post in the wordpress support forums the fix is … [Read more]

Marketing Case Study: Dodge Super Bowl Farmer Ad. (How it Failed and How To Fix It)

Practical Examples on How to turn the Dodge “Farmer” Super Bowl Ad into Content Marketing with a Lasting Audience. Hanging with nowhere to go.  That’s what Dodge did with the Farmer Super Bowl ad. Dodge took the biggest single exposure … [Read more]

How to Create Emotional Marketing that Doesn’t Suck – with Great Examples.

Most marketing and advertising is awful. Just plain, heartless, uninspired, time-wasting, noise. This is a common problem with marketers. Me included. Being passionate and emotional is tough. We’ve been told facts sell, infographics are … [Read more]

How to Use Evernote to Create Better Content. (It’s Absolutely Foolish to Not Use This Tool)

Evernote is your always connected, searchable, expanding brain. If it gets your attention, put it in Evernote. If it needs to be remembered, put it in Evernote.  If it’s a work in progress, put it in Evernote. This simple app will bring more … [Read more]

The No B.S. Truth About Content Marketing and How to Win Great Clients with it.

Amateurs mistake tactics for technique and mechanics for mastery. You’re no amateur are you? Are you pitching the tactics of design, blogging, seo, or content creation as your product or service? Don’t. The clients you want. They … [Read more]

How Content Creators Use Reverse Engineering to Craft Amazing Reader Experiences

Reverse engineering may just be the change your content marketing strategy needed to go to the next level. You already cross link your posts like a champ refusing to get a black eye, but do you create forward content specifically to support your … [Read more]

The Ugly Business Syndrome and it’s 8 Curable Causes

The young, self-absorbed hipster couple exits the hospital after just seeing their first newborn... Guy: Ugly Baby. Girl: Yeah, ugly, definitely. But I'm sure it'll get cuter as it grows up. Guy: Will it? Girl: (with a chuckle) Geez, … [Read more]

Dad Was an Alcoholic. The Untold Story.

With a boisterous rolling chuckle you could hear from another room, he was loud and red-faced. Distinguished by a Tom Selleck mustache that hurt when it pressed in on you.  He had a peacock tattoo between his thumb and index over his left hand and a … [Read more]

Content Creators Manifesto

“Never, never, never give up.” said Winston Churchill. If you're like me, and I think you are, you create things. Important things. Things with words, images, emotions, and impact. Things with life and heart. Things that are not easy to … [Read more]

28 Punches That Cause Black Eyes in Business

Champs don't take punches they can block or avoid. With good form, discipline, and training, Champs elevate their game at all levels. Champs rarely get knocked out. So, what about those black eyes we keep getting as hard fighting … [Read more]

Rebuilding Yourself – How To Be A Better Person

What if you could intentionally rewire yourself to be a better person. Would you? Perhaps you'd take away the anger or frustration. Or maybe the fear or doubt in your life? Would you know where to start? What if I told you that all you … [Read more]

Business Core Values or Die!

Every business has core values, a set of beliefs and ideas that define you as an organization. Values show in how you hire, fire, train, build, communicate, negotiate, serve, market and react within the market. For very small businesses your core … [Read more]

50 Pieces of Wisdom for Entrepreneurs

Here is a list of 50 wide sweeping conclusions, thoughts, and truth's from my business life. Spend a moment and reflect on your business and efforts. What needs attention? Pick one, two, or ten of these and run with it! A company should … [Read more]

How to Add an Aweber Email Newsletter Signup Box Below Your Blog Post

I'm using the Genesis Framework and love how and use a well styled newsletter signup box after their blog post. I’ve wanted to do this for awhile, but haven’t been able to sit long enough to walk through all the … [Read more]

Badges of Achievement & Personal Goals

If you aren't striving for something, then you've left a lot of your life on the table. Potential untapped, promises voided, life unlived. If your soul cries out for more, something more, anything more, then you're in need of a challenge - a goal - … [Read more]

Download Pictures From Facebook and Upload to WordPress Plugin

From what I can tell, there are only a few ways to download images from Facebook and upload them to your Wordpress website. Everyone knows this process: 1. Right click, "save image as", and save your hard drive. 2. Go to Wordpress, then to your … [Read more]

Video Missing in Blogroll of Mindstream Theme?

I recently discovered my (aff link) theme doesn't work exactly as the demo suggest. At least not right out of the box. If you have a video (or photo for that matter) that you want to show on your blog homepage using the Mindstream … [Read more]