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Justin McCullough
is a values-based leader fanatical about creating velocity in business and life. 
He is VP of Commerce for Capital One | Spark Business leading the marketing and customer acquisition initiatives across digital and branch for five products focused on serving small business owners.

Prior to Capital One, He was VP of Operations and Marketing Director for a SaaS ecommerce platform where he transformed the brand, customer experience, and digital marketing resulting in a multi-million dollar acquisition by a Fortune 100 company.

For other achievements such as that Kickstarter, invention, book, newspaper, magazine, software company, and more, please click here.
Stefan Barlow, CTO
Justin’s leadership resulted in increased revenue, improved customer support, a complete rebrand and clarity as a leadership team. His vision and strategic approach enable transformation across the company. His customer insights, especially in B2B and SaaS, make him a great marketer and growth driver.
Matthew Pollard, CEO
Small Business Festival
Justin is easily one of the most exceptional marketers I have ever seen. His ability to see the potential in ideas and work with partners both internally and externally to make them happen is, in my opinion, unparalleled in the corporate world.
ED Sturrock, SVP
Capital One 
Justin seems to have a super-power where he can continually strengthen the company vision, tie strategy and execution to the customer, and drive growth across all lines of business. I see him lead his team and others as a CEO would, continually inspiring and encouraging the best for the company and the customer.
Matt Byrom, Founder
Wyzowl & Publi.sh
Justin is an extremely knowledgeable and driven person. He is very friendly and easy to get on with. At the same time he is very results focused. It's clearly important to Justin that anything created for the company drives results, fits brand and is on message.
Justin is a champion for small business.
Helping Spark a Small Business Movement
with Small Business Festival
KXAN Interview. Matthew Pollard & Justin McCullough discuss Small Business Festival.
Interview with Ramon Ray of Smart Hustle Magazine
Interviewing Entrepreneurs
Revealing the surprising struggle and origin of UGG Boots with Founder, Brian Smith during the 2017 Small Business Festival in Austin Texas. This interview was one of about a dozen interviews with entrepreneurs talking about their business and entrepreneurial journey.
I believe business is personal and the gift of entrepreneurship is an amazing act of service and value creation.
Join me on my life's mission to help 
1 Million Small Business Owners gain velocity in work and life.
With 20+ years as a leader, entrepreneur and marketer, I want to share my experiences, connections and resources in hopes that they help you on your business journey.  Leadership is essential for any level of success in life and that's the focus of the Small Business Velocity show. Conversion Weekly is completely focused on curated content that will help you better serve, attract and acquire your customers. Lastly, mccJustin.tv is my personal vlog. 
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New E-Book: Zero in on Your Best Work
In a world of information abundance, you can easily get distracted and find yourself drifting and frustrated. 

For those that want to regroup and get back on track with meaningful work, this e-book will help you align your talents, passion and purpose.  Includes worksheets to guide you into clarifying your best, most meaningful work. 
E-Book: Get The Buyer Inside
For retail businesses, there are specific ways to increase your average ticket price, drive up frequency of shopping, and improve your ability to create a positive buying experience. 

Part marketing and part merchandising, this helpful guide was created to support a high-end beauty product and encourage proper placement with retailers. While the purpose was to educate and inspire selling this premium brand, the e-book is an excellent resource for all retailers wanting to improve their customer experience and increase sales.
Let me show you how to create velocity in your business. Because I've run software and marketing companies, launched products and publications, helped hundreds of small business owners one-on-one, and worked for big brands, I've got a unique and complete view of the entrepreneurial journey and what it takes to create long-term success in business. Signup now and get bonuses and exclusive content.
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"I believe success in business and life come down to the same thing. 
Serving others.
At home that's family, friends and those in need. At work that's customers, team members, and stakeholders. It's all about helping others with integrity and values. When you do that, you'll experience amazing satisfaction."
2017 Justin McCullough